Situated in the southernmost part of continental Portugal, it is separated from the Alentejo area by a mountain range that stretches to the Spanish border.

Here we can refer to two styles of climate, Mediterranean climate with some variations.

The leeward side is a warmer region with a Mediterranean influence, situated east of the Faro coast, while the western side, the windward side is cooler, wetter and more temperate.

Very heterogeneous soils with the exception of the schistous area on the slopes of the mountains.


Divided into 4 sub-regions Lagos, Portimão, Lagoa and Tavira.

Protected from the dry northern winds, only possible because of the vast mountainous area, and with plenty of sunshine throughout the region, an area with immense potential for growth, as seen for example in the California area.


White grape varieties identify Arinto and Síria, while in the reds the castelão and Negra mole grape varieties stand out.



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