Vast plains, with gentle, flat landscapes, occupy one third of mainland Portugal.

Varied soils ranging from schist, clay to marble and granite, notably Mediterranean climate, hot and dry with continental influence.


Divided into 8 sub-regions:

Borba, Évora, Granja-Amareleja, Moura, Portalegre, Redondo, Reguengos and Vidigueira, are then grouped into 3 distinct groups.


Portalegre offers mostly granite soils, influenced by the nearby Serra de São Mamede. Parcels of old vines, planted on steep slopes and therefore benefiting from a microclimate that gives these wines their complex variety and freshness. Bora, Évora and Reguengos are so to speak the soul of this Alentejo area, where everything is balanced, perhaps because it has no large-scale human influence, thus preserving the balance with nature. Granja-Amareleja, Moura and Vidigueira located a little further south, have as their predominant offer warmer and softer wines, and where the vineyards fight to proliferate and even subsist due to a little more adverse conditions.


Reference grape varieties are, in the case of white wines: Antão Vaz, Arinto and Roupeiro.

In the red varieties, Alfrocheiro, Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez and Trincadeira stand out.



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