Characterized for being the largest wine region in Portugal, it represents 15% of the Portuguese area.

It is mainly known for the production of white wines, being normally light and refreshing wines, which can be appreciated at any time of the year and especially during the hottest months.

It has a great Atlantic influence, namely by the great influence of the valleys and the main rivers that pass through here and are recognized in the region.

This region, which covers all of Northwest Portugal, has several sub-regions with varied characteristics, namely the micro-climate that influences the properties of the wines.


In terms of gastronomy, white wine in particular goes well with foods that are a little more fatty and spicy, hot or cold.

Fish and seafood dishes. Rosé goes well with carpaccio and stews, and is also a good way to start a meal.

The reds, on the other hand, combine with slightly heavier meals, such as feijoadas, and meats like suckling pig, duck, and others.


This region is divided into 9 sub-regions:


Monção and Melgaço

From here comes the famous Alvarinho wine with citrus notes, with nuances of floral aromas and tropical fruits.


White grape varieties and avesso, give origin to wines with fruity aromas and high alcoholic content, however they are mainly recognized by the red wine with a loaded and vivid color.



Renowned for the production of white wines from the Avesso grape variety.



It is here that the Azal grape variety reaches its maximum potential and results in wines with acidity, lemon and fresh apple aromas



Arinto, Loureiro and Trajadura grape varieties, characterized by a moderate acidity, with citric and orchard notes are the reference when it comes to white wines.

As for the reds, they are mostly Vinhão and Borraçal with an intense red color and fresh fruit aromas.



White wines with elegant aromas, with floral and citrus notes, being its most famous grape variety the Loureiro.



Production of red wines from the Amaral and Vinhão grape varieties



Espadeiro variety, the main production being rosé wines



Arinto and Loureiro trajadura varieties create a perfect blend with freshness and floral and citrus notes.



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